100th Postiversary and Favorite Posts!!!

Get out the confetti.  Cue the band….drumroll please!  Today marks the 100th post of Sophisticated Yellow!  So, today in celebration of the big day, I thought I would share with you links to some of my favorite posts of the past 100, while I also share some of the reasons I love to blog.

Coop Tour

Chicken Coop Tour

I’m Really Funny in My Own Mind

I have a confession to make….I can be really socially awkward.

Table Runner

Sometimes, in social situations, all the pistons are firing and I find myself to be quite endearing and entertaining.  But, my jokes get lost in translation.

Octopus Artwork DIY

I’m laughing at my own wit, patting myself on the back when suddenly I look around and notice…..nothing……..crickets, blank stares….hmmm.

Burlap Wine Bags DIY

However, on the pages of Sophisticated Yellow, I’m free to crack myself up and imagine that everyone is laughing along.

Kids' Bathroom After

The Perfect Comeback

Along those same lines, how many times have you been in a conversation where you later think to yourself, “Ugh, I wish I would have said (fill in the blank)?”

Mudroom Makeover

Well, guess what?  I get to press delete and rewrite all I want.

Fabric Basket Liners

No longer do I have to rely on being witty on the roll.  I can carefully craft those witty retorts, envision myself at the cocktail party…the lady with all the answers…while still wearing bunny slippers and sipping on a latte.

Damask Artwork

Making Like-Minded Friends

We’ve heard it a billion times, “When making friends you should look for the things you have in common.”

Tile Coasters as Gifts

Sophisticated Yellow allows me to skip about forty steps and rekindle friendships and meet new people based on a common obsession, or in some cases, interest.  I have really loved all the interaction through comments and link parties that Sophisticated Yellow has created, which brings me to my next favorite thing.

Tufted Ottoman After

Being Told How Awesome I Am

Right?  Who doesn’t love a compliment, especially the sincere ones.  (Quite frankly, I’ll take either.)

Lil Black Dresser

If you have been a stay-at-home mom for any length of time, you know they don’t come in fast and furious.  It is so fun to hear friends, new and old, recognize you for the things you do that have nothing to do with cleaning dishes and scouring toilets.

Bunny Napkins

It’s a bonus if they throw in words like brilliant, clever, ingenious, and talented.

Front Porch Full View

Brain Screeching into Motion

Sometimes, as you’re folding laundry for the seventeenth hundredth time, can you feel your brain cells exploding…or is that just me?

Boys Bedroom

RH Armoire Knock Off

Sophisticated Yellow has allowed me to grind my brain cells into motion once again.  This time, last year, I barely knew what a blog was, let alone entertained the notion of writing one.


There were so many things to learn; computer skills, photography, photo editing, and social media….tweets, pins, pokes are all new to my lexicon… Quite frankly, the whole thing still confounds and confuses me.

Flour Sack Towel

While most of the time, the mental calisthenics have me feeling like Will Ferrell during the infamous debate in the movie, Old School, the satisfaction of having a new skill in the bank has been worth the mini brain seizures!


I love deadlines….I actually need deadlines.  All those projects that I have the best intentions of doing, actually get done now that Sophisticated Yellow exists.  I can look around my home and begin to see my vision becoming a reality.

Linen Closet

So, thanks for dropping by to share in my stories and laugh (I’m picturing that you are) along with me as I go on this adventure one post at a time.  I appreciate your support, encouragement, and friendship.

Sentimental Reasons Artwo

Here’s to the next 100 posts!!

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6 thoughts on “100th Postiversary and Favorite Posts!!!

  1. Natalie – You are hilarious and that is a sincere compliment!! I loved this post and the recap of your brilliant work!

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