Etched Monogrammed Glassware DIY

Do you have glassware that needs a little excitement and/or refinement?  Are you looking for something special to serve your drinks in this holiday season?  Well, I have just the thing for you…etched monogrammed glassware.

Etched Glassware

Now…….. you can buy remarkably similar looking glasses at Pottery Barn this season and have them monogrammed at a price tag of $80 for six, or…. you could make your own for about $20.  Here is the Pottery Barn version:

Schott Zwiesel Stemless Wine Glasses, Set of 6

They are quite lovely (and photographed much better), but I ask you,….really?

Now, this is my first attempt at etching glassware and there is definitely room for improvement, but I can tell you it’s totally quick and kind of addictive.  I’m finding myself compulsively looking around the house for things to etch.

Here is what I used:

Supplies Glasses ( I got mine at Cost Plus for $2 each)

Self-adhesive stencils or labels (pictured here)

X-acto knife

Etching Cream


After washing and drying my glassware, I made my stencil.  I simply chose a typeface I liked (Vani), enlarged it to 150, and printed it out.

Printed Typeface I taped the letter M onto a chalkboard label I had from a previous project and carefully cut out the letter M with an X-acto knife.  If you make about three stickers, the whole process goes extremely fast.  If you’re apprehensive about making your own stencil, for a few extra dollars you can buy self-adhesive stencils (or stickers) at the craft store and skip this step completely.  Cut Out Monogram Next, I applied the sticker loosely to the glass and measured it to make sure the “M” was straight.  Once straight, I firmly pressed the sticker onto the glassware, making sure that all the edges were attached securely.  (I was able to reuse the stencil about 3 times before replacing it)

Apply Sticker Then, I applied the etching cream, (which I bought at an art supply store).  It’s important to make sure you put lots of the etching cream on, but be careful not to get it on any other surface of the glass.  (In the future, I will put on even more etching cream than shown in this photo).

Etching Cream After waiting for five minutes, I rinsed the etching cream off with a warm sponge, dried the surface, removed the sticker, and waalaah….customized stemware!

Etched Monogrammed Glassware

For a variation, you can make stripes using painter’s tape or polka dots using a hole punch and labels.  The possibilities are endless.  Stock your bar or give them as gifts with a nice bottle of wine.

Enjoy your weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Etched Monogrammed Glassware DIY

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  2. These LOOK great!!! Perfect solution to our kids “which one is my glass” issues. Are they dishwasher safe, and does this actually etch into the glass or is it more like a layer of paint?

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