Reversible Duvet Cover From a Shower Curtain

So, the design work on my son’s room continues with the addition of this reversible duvet cover made from a fabric shower curtain.  That’s right… a shower curtain.

Duvet Cover Full

Duvet Cover Close

For the past several weeks I’ve been searching for a duvet cover.   I wanted it to have a fun print, not too feminine, or too expensive.  The going rate for a reasonable nice duvet cover seemed to be about $100.    Here are some of the duvet covers I was considering.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Room View

West Elm

West Elm

Calvin Klein

I was just about to pony up the money for one of these beauties when I saw an ingenious idea from Jen at Tater Tots and Jello, describing how she made a duvet cover from a shower curtain. Pretty amazing, huh?

However, this exact design would not work in my 10-year-old son’s room for two reasons:

  • Ruffles… that would be a definite deal breaker, and
  • Solid Color…his sheets and blanket were solid, so I needed to bring in a pattern.

So, I ran to Target and I found this fabulous fabric on clearance for $9.98.  It’s a good thing, because I would need three of these curtains to make this work.  (If you choose a solid, you only need two.)

Fabric Shower Curtain This is how I made it happen….

I washed the shower curtains to ensure they wouldn’t shrink later.  Extra bonus… they don’t wrinkle at all.

I measured my duvet and decided that with seam allowances my overall dimensions should be 87 x 94 1/2 inches.

So, I laid out one complete panel and trimmed off just the finished side seams.  Then, I opened the second shower curtain and cut two strips 7 1/2 inches wide down the entire length of the fabric.  This is what it looked like.

Cut and Pin Sides of Fabric

Next, I pinned the thin strips of fabric to either side of the main panel and sewed the side seams.

Sew Side Seams So the fabric would lay smooth, I ironed the seams flat.

Iron Seams Flat

Now, the width was correct, I just needed to add 22 1/2 inches of length.  However, that would leave a seam running across the entire width of my fabric so I decided to make the button closure a design element running across the width of the duvet cover.

Button Closure Then, I simply pinned 22 1/2 more inches of fabric from the third shower curtain to the finished edge of the shower curtain which already had holes in it.   After I pinned it, I sewed on the buttons and the duvet cover was now the correct dimensions.

Attach Finished Edge Under Button Holes Finally, I made the duvet cover reversible, by making the back side of the duvet from a light-weight Pottery Barn coverlet we’ve had for many years.  I cut the blanket down to size and pinned it to the shower curtain fabric.  Then, I sewed around all four sides.

Sew Fabric to Blanket After unbuttoning the cover, I placed the duvet inside.  And, here it is!

Duvet Top

The side seams don’t match up perfectly, but I think they blend very well.  And the buttons add another fun design element to this look.

Side Seams And, as an extra bonus, it’s reversible!

Reversible Duvet

Thanks Jen for your inspiration!

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