Slipcovered Sectional Sofa

Green light means go!

Slipcovered Sofa

When my husband agrees to a major purchase or project in our home (and by that I mean agrees to open his wallet), I act quickly.

Close-up of Slipcover

Experience has taught me that green lights all too quickly turn yellow. Then, before you know it, there’s a big, fat red light staring at you through the windshield of your dreams.
When that happens, you are left with two choices… delays or apologies.  Trust me, it’s best to act while the light is green.

Slipcovered Sofa

However, this philosophy has backfired on me a time or two.  Case in point— my Pottery Barn sectional sofa.  I had the green light.  I was feeling frantic.  Company was arriving at the end of the month.   I had to order…and fast.

Slipcovered Sectional

The sales lady was droning on about silly fabric swatches ….gathering them, comparing them, inspecting them in the room in different lights, blah, blah, blah.  Didn’t she know???
There was no time for that.  The seconds were ticking.  At any moment my cell phone could ring and the light could change.  I had company coming.  I could already picture everyone gathering around the fireplace, with cocktails and snacks, perched on my beautiful sofa.
Sweating, heart pounding, mind swirling, I begged the kind lady, for the love of God (or Martha Stewart), to just swipe the card!

Close-up of Slipcover

A few short weeks later my beloved sectional showed up.  It was the right size, the right shape, the right style, but oh-so-wrong on the color.  It was supposed to be a lovely creamy color.  In actuality it was closer to yellow.

Sectional without Slipcover

My heart sank.  I had screwed up royally.  I couldn’t return it or admit to my husband that I had spent all that money on a huge mistake (again).  I had to play it off.  Perhaps, pillows would help.  Perhaps a little throw blanket (or seven).

Close up of Sectional Cushion Before

It took me three years to admit the truth, and another year to do something about it.  By this time, not only the color was wrong, but there had been kids and spills and dogs and me trying to sabotage the poor sectional at every turn.  It was time to cover the sucker up!
Luckily, I stumbled upon Miss Mustard Seed’s extensive video tutorial on how to slipcover furniture with drop cloths!  Three weeks and 150 bucks later, my sectional was transformed into the cozy, light and bright, creamy slipcovered sectional sofa I had always envisioned!

Slipcovered Sofa

I can’t believe I waited so long.  I hope I will fess up to my mistakes much sooner in the future…and accept the warning of a yellow light every once in awhile.

Fabric Wall Art

Fabric Wall Art

I have an issue (well, I have several, but we won’t go there). I have ideas, grand ideas, multitudes of ideas, unrelated ideas, swirling around in my head at all times. Things that I can write…things that I can paint….things that I can build…things that I can create. My grand idea was to use six of these frames to make an art gallery wall, using black and white photography of my town’s misty oak trees at dawn.  Well, that requires several things… the right weather conditions, the right camera equipment, and the ability to pry myself out of bed on … Continue reading

Built-In Bookshelves (Finally!)

Built-In Bookshelf

I finally did it!  I conquered my fears and made some permanent choices.  You may remember my post from over a year ago entitled Bookshelf Quandary, where I discussed my commitment issues in regard to built-in bookshelves. At such a hefty cost, I found myself being uncharacteristically wishy-washy.  But, I finally pulled myself together and pulled the trigger…and I have to say, it has made a world of difference! So you can gain a true appreciation for what this space looked like before the improvements, I will show you the dreaded “before” picture. That is literally what the poor, pathetic … Continue reading

Coffee Table Accessorizing

Coffee Table Decor

Accessorizing a room has always been a tricky balancing act for me.  Preferring clean, orderly spaces I struggle between thoughtful placement of pieces and seeing nothing but clutter.  However, knowing that a room is not complete with out these very important finishing touches, I’ve been trying to address this weakness of mine.  First up…my coffee table. Okay, granted, it’s not rocket science, but my father always told me, when in doubt, “keep it simple, stupid.”  Such a touching sentiment, it still brings a tear to my eye.  And, quite frankly, considering the “before” picture, I’ve come a long way. When … Continue reading

Cookbook Covers—the “Old School” Way

Cookbook Covers

I am a messy cook.  When I’m in the kitchen, I use everything…every pot, every pan, every dish that I can get my hands on.  I also spill excessively because, you see, I’m not a planner.  Nothing is pre-measured.  While food is potentially burning on the skillet, I am furiously chopping, measuring, and combining the next ingredients, letting the excess spices and oils land where they  may. And, for me, a recipe is always required.  I didn’t grow up cooking and can not just throw stuff together.  My husband jokes that when we met, the only thing I knew how … Continue reading

Ruffled Flannel Pillow Covers

Ruffled Flannel Pillow

I’ve had an obsession with everything flannel of late. There is nothing like the cozy feeling it evokes.  It makes me think of snuggling up on the couch in front of a fireplace, hot toddy in hand, while the snow (or rain) falls gently outside. So, before the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I bought a bunch of fabric and had all sorts of grandiose plans for what I would do with it. Well, it’s almost February and here its sits. So, now I’m on a mission. I don’t care if the temps are in the mid 70′s, I … Continue reading

The Bucket List and My Beaded Bracelet

Leather and Bead Bracelet

My son stayed home from school sick the other day.  It was fabulous…an excuse for hanging out in bed, thumbing through catalogs, and watching copious amounts of tv, all in the name of a being a good mom.  The movie we landed on was The Bucket List. So, movie started, Sundance Catalog in hand, I opened it’s pages and started to dream.  I say “dream” because I have a love/hate relationship with Sundance which is very similar to my love/hate relationship with Restoration Hardware, which you can read about here.  I love it’s earthy, cool, laid-back vibe.  The jewelry is … Continue reading

Welcome Back!


Welcome back to Sophisticated Yellow!  I’ve really missed all of you.  I took some time off to refresh, renew, and reflect on my goals (and drink a few cocktails).  I’ve decided that I can’t let go of Sophisticated Yellow, but she must change if she is going to stick around. No longer will she be caught up in the “rat race” of trying to produce and perform.  She will be more laid-back and authentic to the realities of life outside of herself.  My desire for a creative life hasn’t changed, just my desire for a full, well-balanced one. You may … Continue reading

I’ve Been Pinspired!!!

Pinspiring Kitchen

Hello, everyone!!!  This week I’ve started the big push to complete my great room area.  I have painted the walls, ordered area rugs, gathered some accessories, and even bought drop cloths to make my very own slipcovers for my sad sectional.  I will be sharing the reveal in the next few weeks.  But, for now, I thought I would show you some of my pinspirations for the space. I love everything about this kitchen/dining area.  The natural colors, earthy textures, and flash of fabulous in the form of orb pendants. Granted, this space is a little formal…okay, a lot formal….for … Continue reading

Graphic Cow Art Tutorial

cow photograph

So, I made the best of my recent cow scare and forever commemorated the incident in the form of some cow art.  If you didn’t read this somewhat embarrassing post, you can find it here. You may remember that I was on the verge of death when I succeeded in getting the money shot.  Here it is in black and white.  Look at those menacing eyes. I decided that the memory still haunted me, so I softened the photo with some graphics I was able to achieve on PicMonkey, a free online photo editing site.  I used their “posterize” option, … Continue reading

Oven-Fried Chicken

Oven-Fried Chicken

I love doctor’s appointments, or at least I found a new reason to love doctor’s appointments after having babies and toddlers running around the house.  Two of my top requirements for a great doctor’s office are:  a) long wait times; and  b) lots of great magazines.  I especially enjoy visits to the doctor’s office if they have cozy chairs, soft elevator music, and maybe even a water dispenser.  It’s almost like a spa day.  In fact, I find myself feeling a little snippy if they call me in right away. A few days ago, I was at the doctor’s office … Continue reading

Holy Mad Cows!

mad cow

I have had a bit of an obsession with cows lately.  I don’t know why.  It used to be all things chickens.  Little chickens could be found adorning shelves, tabletops, even a weather vane around our home.  I even began to raise live chickens. I still love my chickens terribly, but somehow I have moved on to cows as my obsession of choice.  (Don’t think my husband didn’t break out in a cold sweat over that one.)  I told him not to worry, that Bessie wouldn’t be joining our family any time in the near future.  Especially, after the run-in … Continue reading

Happy May Day Basket Ideas!


Happy May Day everyone!! Spring is in the air…flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, and kids are, once again, playing outside.  That’s reason enough to celebrate. There are several traditions surrounding May Day, the most popular of which is dancing around the May pole.  I remember carrying out this tradition at school as a child.  I had no idea why we were madly careening and weaving around a tetherball pole with ribbons in hand, but it sure was fun! Since, the only pole I have hanging around my yard has a basketball hoop at the top of it, I thought … Continue reading

Linky Looky Loo #3


Welcome back to another linky looky loo!  Here are some projects that have caught my eye over the past week from some very talented bloggers.  It makes me want to pull out the paintbrushes and power tools and get to work! Tara, from A Mustard Seed Dream, created this fabulous Restoration Hardware look alike!  It turned out great and makes such a fabulous statement. A Mustard Seed Dream Or, how about this ingenious modern outdoor firepit created by With a Blast just in time for cool summer evenings?

@#$%&* Etched Shot Glass Tutorial

!@#&* Shot Glasses

Recently, I made a set of shot glasses for a friend’s birthday.  She is a member of my book club (at least that’s what we call it) and is quite the tequila connoisseur (at least that’s what we call her).   I’m not saying we do shots (at least not regularly) at book club.  I’m just sayin’, if we were to do shots at a very special birthday book club gathering, where the honoree is a tequila connoisseur, the sentiment on the shot glasses is what would be going through my head immediately upon drinking said shot. Here is a quick … Continue reading

100th Postiversary and Favorite Posts!!!

Coop Tour

Get out the confetti.  Cue the band….drumroll please!  Today marks the 100th post of Sophisticated Yellow!  So, today in celebration of the big day, I thought I would share with you links to some of my favorite posts of the past 100, while I also share some of the reasons I love to blog. Chicken Coop Tour I’m Really Funny in My Own Mind I have a confession to make….I can be really socially awkward. Burlap Table Runner Sometimes, in social situations, all the pistons are firing and I find myself to be quite endearing and entertaining.  But, my jokes … Continue reading

Styling the Kitchen – Finishing Touches

market sign

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “The devil is in the details.”  Well, nothing could be truer when accessorizing a room.  Today, my focus is on the kitchen.  Several years ago, I remodeled my own kitchen to make it crisp, white, and bright.  But, somehow the finishing touches got overlooked as I went on to the next big thing. So, this week I’m going to attempt to finish the job.  Here, are my inspirations for adding finishing touches to your kitchen. Accent Rugs or Runners Not only does an accent rug or runner add visual interest and texture, it feels … Continue reading

DIY Artwork for Sentimental Reasons


Meet my latest piece of DIY artwork, called Sentimental Reasons.  This was not actually the intended project for the day, but here he is perched and complete above my piano. The intended project was actually cleaning this mess in my art/work space….ughh!!  It was a complete disaster area.  Things piled everywhere. However, focus has always been a problem for me.  I am easily distracted by sparkly, shiny objects.  Okay, let’s face it, the distraction need not be sparkly nor shiny…just not this. So, I came across these canvases that had been sitting around for years. It just so happens, I have some paint … Continue reading

Barefoot Contessa’s Roasted Shrimp and Orzo Recipe

Roasted Shrimp and Orzo

Do you bribe your children?  I do…all the time.  Experts say that you’re not supposed to do that and it can have negative long term effects.  This is why you won’t see me offering official parenting advice on this blog, ever!  But I will tell you, it works. You see, I have worked out an arrangement with my daughter who is quite the little chef.  If she plans the weekly menu, makes the shopping list, goes shopping with me ( I like her company), and prepares dinner,… I will give her $5 per meal…. (max of $20/wk).  And we’re not … Continue reading

Laundry Room Inspiration

Laundry Room Inspiration

I have been slowly working down the hallway, putting finishing touches on the mudroom, closets, and wall spaces.  Now, I have finally reached the laundry room.  I am so excited to get to work on this room, but scared at the same time.  To create the space I have in mind, this project will require ripping up the floors, installing a new countertop, sink, and faucet.  To calm my nerves about the whole process,  I’ve decided to peruse the internet for inspiration. Bright, Light Laundry Room First on my priority list is to create a bright, light space.  So, I … Continue reading

Brass is Back!

Brass Door

Well, we’ve finally done it… We’ve replaced all those brass doorknobs and bathroom fixtures from the 1980′s. Everything is now streamlined silver and is looking sleek and modern. I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and just relax… (Cue record scratch) What’s that you say???? Brass is back??? No, no,no…It can’t be, not yet.  I’m not ready.  I’ve committed to not liking brass–anywhere.  This is one of those trends that will just have to leave me behind. Brass showerheads, anyone?  (The herringbone wood floor isn’t too bad either.) Brass As Accessories and Lighting Okay, this light is pushing me … Continue reading

Linen Closet Organized and Beautiful!

linen closet

I L-O-V-E to organize things!  There is so much satisfaction from taking a total mess and turning it into a clean, crisp, clutter-free space.  Lately, I have let certain areas of my home slip into a bit of a deteriorated state.  But now, I get the pleasure of whipping them back into shape and sharing it with you.  The first on my hit list…the upstairs linen closet.  After only a few short hours of work, she is a beauty to behold. With just a few organizational tricks (and a lot of eliminating), I had a linen closet that was both … Continue reading

Outstanding Spicy Oven Fries Recipe

Spicy Oven Fries

Spring is here!!!  And,when I think about spring, I start thinking about the outdoors.  And when I think about the outdoors, I start thinking about barbecuing.  And when I think about barbecuing, I start thinking about burgers (preferably bleu burgers–yum).  And when I think about bleu burgers, I start thinking about fries to go with those burgers—and that’s where the screeching brakes of guilt come in. Do you ever have the craving for some crispy, spicy, delicious fries to go with your favorite meaty meal, but the thoughts of eating too much deep-fried fatty food stops you? I sure do … Continue reading

Best of March

Calla Lillies

I hope you had a fabulous Easter Weekend!  Our family spent the holiday in the foothills of California with aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandma.  There was plenty of delicious food and fun.  The Easter bunny even snuck into the backyard at one point to hide eggs and chocolatey treats for the kids!  I’m sure days like these will provide many great memories for the kids. Speaking of memories, March has been an amazing month, filled with so many fun moments.  Ski season is officially winding up, but I am looking forward to getting outdoors  and creating some beautiful spaces.  However, … Continue reading

Boy’s Bedroom Reveal

Boys Bedroom

Well, I’ve done it….I’ve finally completed my son’s bedroom makeover.  It’s one of those things.  There’s always one more project, another tiny nook, an additional accessory that just has to be added, making it difficult for me to close the book on a big project.  But, I’m finally ready to show you the his finished room that I started last fall.  Yep, that’s right, I said it…last fall!!! But first, here’s a little before picture.  Several years ago, I painted his whole room in light blue and chocolate brown stripes. I personally loved it. But, as he got older, he … Continue reading

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